We are no BS App developers. We believe in giving our clients exceptional quality whilst keeping costs realistic. There are too many times to mention that we have spoken to customers after an App development or during a failed one, to find they have paid through the nose for their App. Call 0161-820-4785. We are not pushy sales people and you will come away from the call being clearer on your requirements and potential costs. Simple!


Got an idea? Call us, we will give you realistic timescales and costs plus we tell you if we think the concept is good, bad or moderate and how things could be improved if required


Our ears are always at the ready. If you have an App idea and think you may be a bit out of your depth. Call us, we could possibly help and if we really like it, we may do a joint venture with you


If the phone is not for you, write to us. We like reading as well as listening! We are here to help in your company or individual app journey no matter how large or small

Our Clients

Click here to see some of our clients that have put their faith in us. We are discurete helpful, reasonably priced and help you regardless of whether you go with us in the end


We love to make great Apps. In fact we are that obsessed, we have started making them for ourselves as well as our clients.

Our Philosophy
We believe in value for money and a win for both sides where clients get a great App whilst not paying through the nose and we also make a reasonable margin for our time.

With newer markets comes a barrage of TTLAs (tedious three letter acronyms, we know this one is a four letter one!), mystery and exceptionally large bills. Here at App1Stop, we prefer to tell you your options in plain English and let you decide what works for you. If you would like to speak to our previous customers and let them tell you how delightful we are, please email testimonials@app1stop.com


Our Mission
To provide fantastic Apps for exceptional value.

We are passionate about Apps. It is our mission to let everyone know that they can also have an App built for their business or pleasure in whatever shap or form they require. Today's smartphone cover nearly all the senses so that means that whatever you can conceive in your mind is achievable. Talk to us and we can give you some free no nonsense advice.

Call 0161 820 4785.

Jhov Mattheson


Jhov is head of our devlopment coders. He is passionate about design and UI. He has exceptional analytical skills to add to the mix of coding knowledge.

He loves looking at our already developed Apps and seeing where he can incorporate features that have been made possible by new operating system releases.

Andra Nellande


Andra loves to design anything and she likes changing what she considers bad design. Very opinionated but she's usually right! Her team tread carefully when creating new designs and she believes simplicity and usability are the key.

We usually find it best to get her report on an App and then diplomatize it (if that's even a word) before we send to the client.

Jason Taylor


Jason has been in the IT industry since he was wearing shorts and the ZX81 was around.

Having seen the outcomes of many App projects from friends and associates, he decided he wanted to do App development a different way.

This was why he created App1Stop.